2010. december 19., vasárnap

2010. december 11., szombat

’The Sixths’

Six young fine artists at the Hungarian Culture Brussels

Péter Ducsai (graphic art), Imre Elek (sculpture), Annamária Őry (painting), Gitta Pap (painting), Róbert Sütő (painting) and Borbála Szanyi (sculpture) will be on view from 8 December 2010 until 8 January 2011 in the Hungarian Culture Brussels.

The exhibiting artists have a common approach which derives from age-old traditions. It speaks of respecting long lasting products which resist selfish exhibitionism or current art trends. The fine arts, following some manual traditions and placing them into a contemporary form, speak a modern language, representing an immense pictorial and spatial visual point of view. They depict our wishes, fears, longing; they speak of troublesome emptiness, deepness, or wishing for astonishment. The artists define information and communicate through their art works; if the visitor pays close attention he/she could rediscover the mystery of creation. More artists use symbols that can be found in several different cultures e.g. Annamária Őry’s seed formations of her heart series or Péter Ducsai’s and Borbála Szanyi’s fish symbols. Deep down at the meaning there is something which is unspeakable. This is the secret to face for those who are open to this. The visitor joshes, tries to touch and feel, or he/she forms part of the frightening unknown and dives into it, the viewer knows he/she is no different from it. Imre Elek’s sculptures talk about craftsmanship, trying to drift against their lead-like weight his artworks are light and heavy at the same time. Gitta Pap’s human groups are in an imaginary surreal space and/or mixed with real spheres. Soft-headed, low-key, humble or indiscrete. Isolation and mutual dependence are present even in one scene as well, spiced with dry, grotesque humour. On Róbert Sütő’s works city or countryside houses appear in a grim, unique way, simple buildings become monumental personalities. Unfriendly, sprawling creatures dominate the landscape. They seem like they have a personality. So if we spend the necessary time on meeting these art works, hopefully we will not leave the HCB empty handed.